CIS Youngster? Who is that? Anyone aged 18 and above, who can manage their monthly pocket money or allowance without compromising on the fun, and can still have a handsome saving at the end of the month is a CIS Youngster.

Haven’t turned 18 yet? No worries, just request your parent to get you a CIS card! Become financially prudent and set an example for your peers by starting early. Become a CIS Youngster today! All it takes is a few clicks on the CIS mobile app.

What is CIS?

CIS is a reloadable prepaid VISA card linked to a mobile app. Available on Android and iOS, this app enables you to create a CIS card for yourself. Using this card linked to the CIS mobile app, you can make purchases online and in-stores, avail exciting offers, set category wise budgets, track your expenses and even go-dutch with your friends.


Instant Money:

tranded, no cash … we’ve been there, we know you have too. With CIS, load money on to your CIS card in 20 seconds flat! Exciting Offers: Avail some great offers and get cool discounts while paying through your CIS card at a merchant outlet. If you feel too lazy, just shop online using the CIS card.

Expense Manager:

Be the boss. Make your money work for you. Track your "spend" across categories, become money smart, save more!

Budget Tracker:

Take control. Set budgets and practise the art of spending within the budget. It’s a sure shot way to get rich!

Go Dutch:

Ah! That friends never pays his share. No worries,get him on Slonkit, pay and receive money, go-dutch without a care.

My Slonkit:

"Spend" based ranks – sounds interesting? Check yours on My CIS and know your interest area – food, movies, shopping, travel